Our vision

bioceed-triangeletOur vision is to create a biology education that connects scientific knowledge, practical skills and societal applications by bringing the strengths of our research culture into educational practice.


Rapid developments in the role of biology and biologists in society place new demands, not only to the content of biology education, but also to how we educate tomorrow’s biologists. Current developments within the biological sciences are profoundly impacting society, and our vision is that this ‘biological revolution’ should shape not only the content of biology programmes and courses, but also how biology is taught.
BioCEED therefore expands on our existing collaboration to reshape biology education in response to changes in the biological sciences, in higher education, and in society’s needs. The centre will enable development and research-based assessment of learning practices that strengthen the knowledge base, skills sets, and vocational integrity of tomorrow’s biologists. The centre will significantly promote sharing of ‘best practice’ within BioCEED, across the educational sector, and with society.


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