Research and Development

Research & Development

BIG – Bjørndalen Integrated Gradients

In Bjørndalen, the AB department is combining resources to study and link systems from the marine realm (the IsA time series station), through the coastal zone and onto land. The aim is to build a cost-effective field laboratory that creates research synergies between faculty and authentic research experiences for students.


The project “Undergraduate research and generic skills in (re)design of the biology education” is a DIKU-founded project set to run for 3 years, involving a collaboration between the Center for Excellence in Biology Education bioCEED, the Department of Biological Sciences at UiB and the UiB Learning Lab. The project aims at redesigning the BSc in biology using a module for redesign developed by Texas A&M adapted to the Norwegian and local context. Further, the project also emphasises the development of generic skills and undergraduate research experiences throughout the BSc degree. Read more...

ArtsApp, the student-developed app that makes species identification easy

ArtsApp aims to digitalize and ease the use of keys in identification of species. Originally developed around the genus Carex, (Starr in Norwegian), the app now offers a dozen keys such as ferns and ground beetles.


Studentaktiv forskning – fra vugge til grad

Fra vugge til grad is an OTS-funded project at BIO that wants to develop, test, and document the effect of three learning programs in biology that actively use the opportunities that lie in three understandings of research-based education.


FieldPass is  an interdisciplinary DIKU-funded project at UNIS that aims to develop and research alternative forms of assessment that is suited for field related learning outcomes.


bioSKILLS: focusing on transferable skills in biology education

Our project bioSKILLS focuses on the importance of transferable skills in biology education. We develop web-based platforms and resources that help students increase their numerical competence, writing and practical skills. bioST@TS, bioWRITE and Learning Arctic Biology are among these platforms.


Biology didactics

Biology didactics (biologididaktikk) concerns the teaching and learning of biology, based in research. The blog biologididaktikk presents teaching materials in selected biological topics, tips and tricks for activating students, as well as introductions to the biological foundations for learning.


PRIME: practical experience and learning in Higher Education

PRIME (How implementation of PRactice can IMprove relevance and quality in discipline and professional Educations) investigates how increased level of practical experience influences learning in higher education. PRIME is funded by The Research Council of Norway and is a collaboration between bioCEED, Uni Research Environment and private and public workplaces where biologists work.