bioSKILLS aims to:

    • Focus on the importance of transferable skills in biology education
    • Develop learning goals in numerical competence, dissemination, writing and practical skills in field and laboratory work at course and programme level
    • Streamline and link teaching and learning of skills throughout the curriculum
    • Focus on the skills training on relevance, methodology and practices - in close relation to biological applications and data.


bioWRITE is a digital resource designed to guide students in their written assignments throughout the biology education, all the way from the first report to the master thesis. bioWRITE is available also in Norwegian (bioSKRIV).


bioST@TS is a web-based platform helping students get a better grip on statistical approaches and increase their numerical competences. bioST@TS introduces biology students to coding in R/Rstudio.

Learning Arctic Biology

Learning Arctic Biology provides material and information, including links to further reading, about Arctic ecosystems and organisms living within the Arctic.

bioPRAKSIS - biologipraksis UiB

bioPRAKSIS is a platform where biology students enrolled in BIO298 - Workplace Practice in Biology communicate on their experience in the form of blogposts.

Teach To Learn

TE2LE actively involves students in the production of short video tutorials of lab/field/cruise methods. Click here to read the project description.

Learning Through Experience

Learning Through Experience is a platform where biology students enrolled in AB-208 Internship in Arctic Biology communicate on their experience in the form of blogposts.

Numerical Competence and Student-Active Research

The project "Numerical Competence and Student-Active Research" focuses on developing and extending the learning platform bioST@TS  with quantitative methods and tools, and support student participation in research programs that train numerical skills. The project benefited from a grant from The Olav Thon Foundation.