Virtual Field Guides

360° Virtual Field Guides

Field teaching is an important component in many natural science courses with focus on hands-on learning experiences in the field and the possibility to integrate research in education. However, it is also a costly and a resource intensive activity and demands a high level of work effort from both students and teachers. To be able to optimize and enhance student learning during fieldwork there is a great potential in utilizing digital tools for both preparation and recap of fieldwork. Fieldpass and bioCEED at UiB are developing virtual field guides (VFG) that enable students to familiarize themselves with a field location in forehand. The same VFGs can also be used to re-visit locations when summing up field activities and assess field-related learning outcomes.

Contact persons at UNIS: Pernille Bronken Eidesen, Simen S. Hjelle and Tina Dahl

Contact persons at UiB: Anne E. Bjune and Jonathan Soulé

Fieldpass is funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills until 2023.

Virtual Field Guides in Svalbard

Explore a variety of locations in Svalbard and learn about its biology, history and more. All in 360 degrees!

Seasonal Field Guides in Svalbard

A virtual field guide with a seasonal focus. See how the environment changes in areas around Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

Virtual Field Guide at Lygra

Prepare for a field course in palaeoecology (BIO250) at Lygra, Nordhordland with this virtual field course.