iSCOPE (integrating Science of Oceans, Physics and Education) aims to create of a suite of verifiably effective, innovative science pedagogies to make Norway a leader in the impact that marine biological research offers the global community.

iSCOPE brings together four partners (University of Bergen Norway, University of California at Berkeley in USA, Concordia University in Canada, and Univ College of Stord and Haugesund Norway) to use transdisciplinary approaches on high-quality multinational case studies to identify and evaluate (year 1), transfer and test (year 2) and iteratively test (year 3) excellent methods of educational intellectual stimulation in order to support and enhance University of Bergen and Norway's leadership in teaching and research in marine biological sciences.

The iSCOPE project is designed as a bridge between successful science education methodologies and the goals which UiB (BIO) aims to reach. Excellence in biology education will be evaluated and enhanced with world-class excellence from physics. The iSCOPE proposal builds on University of Bergen's Center of Excellence In Biology Education (bioCEED) and the multi-award winning master course BIO300 Biology Bootcamp, as well as on UNESCO's International Year of Light 20152 (IYL2015) project "Skylight - a Global Science Opera" lead by Stord/Haugesund University College (HSH).

These will be partnered with University of California at Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science (UCB) and its "Global Hands On Universe" project and all three will be under the scrutiny of the large and active Center for the Study of Learning and Performance of Concordia University in Montreal (CSLP, UConcord).

iSCOPE began their work in early 2016, but were already invited to present the success in interdisciplinary collaboration at the Transatlantic Science Week in Boston (3. - 5. November 2015).

In the beginning of 2017 iSCOPE partners and students will convene at UCB for a weeklong workshop to being to combine the scholarly potential of students in biology, astrophysics, arts and educational science in order to identify means to enhance university education and outreach in our fields.


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University of Bergen
Karin Pittman
Anne-Laure Simonelli
Magnus Svendsen Nerheim
University College of Stord and Haugesund
Oded Ben-Horin
University of California - Berkeley (UCB)
Carl Pennypacker
Concordia University 
Vivek Venkatesh
Kathryn Urbaniak
Brad Nelson
American Modeling Teachers Association
Colleen Megowan