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bioCEED develops digital tools and websites to help teachers and students.


biologipraksis UiB

Denne bloggen er skrevet av biologistudenter i praksisopphold. Praksisoppholdet tilbys som en del av studieemnene ved Institutt for biologi ved Universitetet i Bergen (BIO198 og BIO298). Kursene er initiert av forskningsprosjektet PRIME og er en del av Institutt for biologi sitt Senter for fremragende utdanning i biologi (bioCEED).


bioST@TS is a platform under the project bioSKILLS which provides students with assistance on MS Excel, R, NetLogo and important concepts in statistics in the form of tutorials, videos and blog posts. Teachers may use links to posts and pages as support material to their teaching activities.


codeRclub is a blog providing help to R beginners and more advanced users. Tutorials and tips on specific issues are available in the form of illustrated blog posts and practical examples.


The collection of video tutorials on different bioSKILLS produced during the project TEACH2LEARN is available on the TEACH2LEARN blog.