Practical Training

Becoming a biologist by being a biologist.


The bioCEED triangle

At bioCEED we believe that practical training is crucial to effective biology education. This means that we develop and test student-active learning activities that make use of practical elements, including field and laboratory work and internships. In our model, biological knowledge emerges in the interplay between practice, content knowledge, and societal relevance [see the bioCEED triangle]. Practical skills training are therefore important in their own right, but also contributes to students’ understanding of biological theory, and to their work preparedness.

To strengthen the practical component of biology education we develop and test:

  • internship courses that afford a wide variety of workplace experiences (BIO298),
  • courses for student research experiences (BIO299 and AB-207), and field teaching (BIO297),
  • courses for communication and dissemination (BIO296),
  • a career day where students and workplaces meet to discuss and share experiences over practice, career opportunities, workplace needs, etc.

The research project PRIME is embedded in bioCEED, it aims to develop and assesses learning outcomes and other impacts of practical training. We also collaborate with the research project Together for better learning, which works on cross-disciplinary understanding of practical learning. A novel aspect is that students communicate and report via blogs. See the blogs here.


bioCEED members who work on practical training:

Tina Dahl : Teaching adviser

Tina Dahl

Teaching adviser

I am working as a teaching adviser at bioCEED UNIS. My main responsibilities are to administrate and to coordinate the different bioCEED work at UNIS.

+47 99 11 01 41
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Pernille Bronken Eidesen : Professor, Deputy Leader

Pernille Bronken Eidesen

Professor, Deputy Leader

I am the deputy leader of bioCEED, and I am responsible for managing bioCEED activities at UNIS.

+47 79 02 33 43
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Sigrunn Eliassen : Associate Professor, Work Package Leader

Sigrunn Eliassen

Associate Professor, Work Package Leader

I am responsible for work package WP2 Learning Environments and engaged in several projects including bioSKILLS, where we focus on transferable skills in biology.

+47 55 58 46 22
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Torstein Nielsen Hole : Researcher

Torstein Nielsen Hole


I am part of the PRIME project and bioCEED. I am responsible for assessing and researching approaches to student learning in practice activities such as the workplace and field-work.

My projects

+47 98 07 16 17
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Gro I. van der Meeren : Senior Researcher, Work Package Leader

Gro I. van der Meeren

Senior Researcher, Work Package Leader

I am leading the work package on "Strengthening links between education and society" (WP 7). Being a senior researcher at the Institute of Marine Research, I work mostly in projects with clear societal responsibility, giving scientifically based advice in marine management topics, both on species level and open sea marine ecosystems. My role in bioCEED, along with the PRIME-project, in opening up the “real” world to biology students is a pleasure.

+47 94 16 87 42
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Arild Raaheim : Professor, Work Package Leader

Arild Raaheim

Professor, Work Package Leader

I am Leader for Work Package 4 and 6
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Anne-Laure Simonelli : Postdoctoral Researcher in pedagogical sciences

Anne-Laure Simonelli

Postdoctoral Researcher in pedagogical sciences

As a Postdoctoral Researcher at bioCEED, I am involved in several projects including PRIME, iSCOPE, bioSKILLS and Teach 2 Learn where I aim to identify, develop and evaluate innovative pedagogical activities in higher education. I focus my research on the perception of transferable skills acquired through different student-active learning activities, including internships and practical experience. Study groups include both students and educators/supervisors, both at university and in the workplace. One part of this research includes the evaluation student awareness of the role they can play in the society when entering the workforce as a biologist. Further, I implement and evaluate the use of digital technologies as learning and teaching tools in different BSc- and MSc-level courses.

+47 55 58 33 17 / +47 98 67 48 45
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Jonathan Soulé : Senior Engineer

Jonathan Soulé

Senior Engineer

I work on the development of bioCEED's web platform bioST@TS and others projects under bioSKILLS. I provide technical supervision in Teach to Learn, and represent bioCEED in the steering committee of biORAKEL. As educational technician at the Department of Biological Sciences - UiB, I am responsible for labs, equipment, material and safety related to practical teaching activities.

+47 55 58 44 88 / +47 92 80 26 66
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Gaute Velle : Professor II, Project Leader PRIME, Course Leader BIO298

Gaute Velle

Professor II, Project Leader PRIME, Course Leader BIO298

I am adjunct professor at the University of Bergen and research professor in the company Uni Research. I have a wide background of teaching at the university, while my job in Uni Research focuses on mitigation of human impact on aquatic ecosystems. This connection between the university sector and a professional practice as biologist is highly relevant for PRIME and for the internship course BIO298.

+47 55 58 29 09
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