bioCEED has created bioST@TS, a web-based learning platform ( dedicated to helping biology students understand the basics of data management and statistical analysis. Directed towards both bachelor- and master students, bioST@TS provides tutorials and instructive videos that are relevant primarily, but not exclusively, for biology courses at University of Bergen (Norway) and at the University Centre in Svalbard (Norway). The platform makes broad use of videos since this media has been found to increase student achievement, competence, learner satisfaction and engagement. bioST@TS learning modules for undergraduate students focus on the basics of data management and visualization through tables and charts in MS Excel 2016. Modules for master students include statistical analysis and apply the open source programme R, with instructions to the coding needed in this program. bioST@TS also offers videos that explain key-concepts in statistics using simple, concrete examples in biology. bioST@TS is also a repository for resources created in collaboration with both teachers and students.

bioST@TS is partially funded by the project “Numerical Competence and Student-Active Research”, granted by The Olav Thon Foundation. The project focuses on developing and extending this learning platform with quantitative methods and tools, and support student participation in research programs that train numerical skills.