Motivation tips for studying at home

Denne siden er også tilgjengelig på norsk HER.

There are difficult circumstances with Korona, unemployment, and uncertain times. We fully understand that it is hard to stay motivated for your studies. To help you structure your workday and study efficiently toward the exam, we have put together some tips and advice.

Being isolated from others, worrying about the situation we are in, and uncertainty surrounding study and work can lead to loss of routines, interests, and a lot of pondering. All this can prevent you from functioning the way you normally do. But is does not have to be the case. Below are some tips that can help you function optimally despite the current situation.

  • Isolation: Even though you have to isolate physically, you do not have to isolate psychologically. We recommend that you contact others, either by video or telephone, to share experience, collaborate, or discuss.
  • Solitude: Being alone can be experienced very differently. Can you find something valuable or meaningful about being alone?
  • Development: Now is not the time to stop growing as a person. We recommend that you maintain your hobbies, passions, and interests. Could you see this as an opportunity to learn some new skills or develop an ability? What is meaningful to you? What do you think is interesting and fun to do? What do you do just because you want to? Maybe now is the time to do more of that?
  • Happiness: Now is not the time to focus on being "happy" and "joy." I recommend you focus on personal development, taking care of family and friends, and your health. Think about how important, meaningful, and interesting these focus areas can be. Happiness and joy will then follow as a by-product.

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