New project: Numerical Competence and Student-Active Research

Olav Thon Foundation has granted NOK 1.4 million to bioCEED’s project “Numerical competence and student-active research”. The project will develop and extend the learning platform bioST@TS with quantitative methods and tools, and support student participation in research programs that train these numerical skills.

Biological research requires extensive use of statistical and quantitative methods, with which students traditionally have little experience. The project aims at developing learning methods and tools that train students in designing biological experiments, collecting data, and performing statistical analysis. Students will use these numerical methods, for instance to study bird migration and breeding ecology in Svalbard.

The Olav Thon Foundation published the following statement in its recent press release (in Norwegian):

«Dette er et svært spennende og innovativt utviklingsprosjekt innen biologiutdanningen, hvor man tar sikte på å utvikle og ta i bruk nye digitale hjelpemidler».

Translation: “This is a highly exciting and innovative project in the field of biology education where the aim is at developing and making use of new digital resources”.

This project is a bioCEED collaboration led by Sigrunn Eliassen (UiB), Jonathan Soulé (UiB) and Øystein Varpe (UNIS).

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