bioCEED - Centre for Excellence in Biology Education 2014-2023

bioCEED was built on the vision that biology, and biologists, emerge in the interplay between biological theory, the practical applications of biological knowledge, and the relevance of biological theory and practical knowledge for society.

bioCEED has developed and tested new learning practices and approaches targeted specifically at developing the knowledge base, skills, and integrity required by the different roles that biologists occupy in society.

Our overarching approach to transforming biology education can be summarized in three points: 

  1. Make use of the whole biological triangle in biology education (research-based education, skills training, work and societal relevance)
  2. Focus on the students, and what benefits their learning (evidence-based teaching)
  3. Exploit the research culture to grow a collegial and scholarly culture of teaching and learning (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)