Anne-Laure Simonelli – Postdoctoral Researcher

Anne-Laure Simonelli : Postdoctoral Researcher in pedagogical sciences

Anne-Laure Simonelli

Postdoctoral Researcher in pedagogical sciences

As a Postdoctoral Researcher at bioCEED, I am involved in several projects including PRIME, iSCOPE, bioSKILLS and Teach 2 Learn where I aim to identify, develop and evaluate innovative pedagogical activities in higher education. I focus my research on the perception of transferable skills acquired through different student-active learning activities, including internships and practical experience. Study groups include both students and educators/supervisors, both at university and in the workplace. One part of this research includes the evaluation student awareness of the role they can play in the society when entering the workforce as a biologist. Further, I implement and evaluate the use of digital technologies as learning and teaching tools in different BSc- and MSc-level courses.

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These are the projects I am working on:


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