Torstein N. Hole – PhD student

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These are the projects I am working on:


Work placements

Through the PRIME project, we have implemented a new work placement course for biology students. This course gives students access to different workplaces and rewards 10 ECTS. The students write blogs about their experiences in workplace. I am researching the content of the blogs to uncover how student write about knowing in work placements circumstances.

Engagement with biology practices in field excursions

One of the main practical parts of the biology education is field work, this is an arena for research and learning. I have conducted a organizational ethnographic study of field excursions across several weeks. I am currently writing up the results.


We have developed a comprehensive survey battery for students, teachers, administrative and technical staff and biologists in the workplace. This survey is the first of its kind and touches upon crucial themes for bioCEED, for instance teaching methods, practice learning, and generic skills. The survey was later written into a four-part report. The survey will be used in a post-test in 2018.

Sammen for bedre læring

This is a collaboration between medicine, biology, teacher education, and music education led by Arild Raaheim. We have developed three distinct case studies and are investigating how students learn across these different instances of work placements. I am lead author in a joint paper to write up our findings.


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