Lucas M. Jeno, Postdoctoral Researcher

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These are the projects I am working on:



ArtsApp was developed by bioCEED (UiB), The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, and The Centre for Science Education (UiB). We have now conducted two studies assessing the effect of the app vs. the traditional textbook (Lids Flora) on motivation, competence and achievement. The results indicate that the app has a main effect increasing students´ motivation, competence and achievement, relative to the textbook, but also indirectly via motivation. The scientific investigation is a collaboration with researcher at bioCEED and the University of Rochester, USA.


bioCEED conducted a baseline national survey of biology students. We aim to replicate this study in a four-year period. A sub-part of this survey is a study conducted with researchers at the department of Education where we assess students´ aspiration for studying, motivation, perception of teachers support and prospective achievement. The results indicate that students holding an intrinsic aspiration, as opposed to extrinsic aspiration, has higher achievement levels. Furthermore, students with intrinsic motivation, as opposed to extrinsic motivation, achieve at a higher level.

Team-Based Learning

A central goal of bioCEED is to change the teaching from a teacher-centred to a learner-centred education. In two quasi-experimental studies we have assessed the relative difference of students participating in traditional lectures vs attending team-based lectures. We hypothesize that students participating in team-based lectures will be more motivated and have higher perceived learning outcomes compared to students in traditional lectures.

Gender differences

In two studies, researchers at bioCEED and collaborators at The University of Minnesota, USA have investigate how gender differs on measures such as self-efficacy, intrinsic value, engagement, and science confidence. We find unique effects of gender differences and aim to investigate why this occurs. We know that there are more males with more confidence in STEM-fields even though females out-perform males.

Motivation and achievement – meta-analysis

By looking through the entire field of motivation and achievement, researchers at bioCEED, PRIME, and the University of Rochester, USA, investigate the effect of motivation on achievement and different moderators on this effects. We have found studies ranging from elementary school to college and from individualistic and collectivistic cultures.


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