Winners of our #LearningBiology2016 contest – 3

13741448_627215110779388_2096351448_n #1 romvesen

1st place

Submitted by: romvesen

Submitted on: Instagram


12907331_460257444173564_1304443483_n #2 romvesen

2nd place ex-æquo

Submitted by: romvesen

Submitted on: Instagram


14026644_1615466185418669_1617198117_n #2 kamillalaha

2nd place ex-æquo

Submitted by: kamillalaha

Submitted on: Instagram


The third edition of our #LearningBiology2016 photo contest ended on September 15th. The awarded pictures were all submitted on Instagram. Congratulations to romvesen (1st place and 2nd place ex-æquo) and kamillalaha (2nd place ex-æquo) @Instagram who win a Visa giftcard of a value of 600 and 300NOK, respectively.

We would like to congratulate the winners and we invite everyone to send pictures to #LearningBiology2016 as the contest goes on. The next and last nomination round will occur in December 2016, so… back to your cameras and smartphones!!!

… and remember the theme of the contest: “Learning Biology”.


About the contest:

47 pictures were submitted by a total of 16 participants via Instagram and Twitter. All pictures eventually met the selection criteria published on the page of the contest and were examined by the jury.

Our jury was composed of 3 members:
– Jonathan Soulé, coordinator (University of Bergen)
– Anne-Laure Simonelli, co-coordinator (University of Bergen),
– Janne E. Søreide (University Centre in Svalbard).

The three factors that the jury members considered when reviewing the pictures were:
– relevance to the topic “Learning Biology”,
– esthetics,
– picture quality.

All jury members were given the possibility to vote for up to 3 pictures to be ranked from first to third. The pictures that collected at least 1 vote were nominated. 8 out of the 47 submitted pictures were eventually nominated.

The authors of the 3 awarded pictures win a VISA/Mastercard giftcard (300NOK) and will be soon contacted directly.

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