WP7: Strengthen links between education and society

WP 7: Strengthen links between education and society, led by Institute of Marine Research


  • Host annual meetings between bioCEED students and industry and sector representatives to exchange ideas and communicate biologists’ contributions and society’s needs
  • Run bioCEED workshops with end-user panels to discuss biology-society interactions
  • Present BioCEED findings in sector-specific journals and meetings
  • Increase and systematize communication with employers, end-users, and biology alumni to better understand society’s needs and to communicate the contributions of biologists
  • Develop mechanisms for student placement within the sector during Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

WP Leader:

Gro I. van der Meeren : Senior Researcher

Gro I. van der Meeren

Senior Researcher

I am leading the work package on "Strengthening links between education and society" (WP 7). Being a senior researcher at the Institute of Marine Research, I work mostly in projects with clear societal responsibility, giving scientifically based advice in marine management topics, both on species level and open sea marine ecosystems. My role in bioCEED, along with the PRIME-project, in opening up the “real” world to biology students is a pleasure.

+47 94 16 87 42


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