bioCEED focus areas

bioCEED develops biology educations that fill future needs in science and society. We achieve this by connecting scientific knowledge, practical skills and societal applications throughout our educations, and by bringing the strengths of the research culture into the educational practice.

Er du biologistudent? Hva kan bioCEED tilby deg?

Vi har utviklet et verktøy som lar deg å lete deg igjennom ressursene som bioCEED kan tilby deg som student. Klikk HER for å utforske og finne det rette for deg og ditt fokusområdet.

We create digital platforms for biology students

Our project bioSKILLS focuses on the importance of transferable skills in biology education. We develop web-based platforms and resources that help students increase their numerical competence, writing and practical skills. bioST@TS, bioWRITE and Learning Arctic Biology are among these platforms.

Students as partners and project leaders

We give biology students resources to design, develop and run the platforms and arenas that they define as relevant for biology education.

Check out biORAKEL and unisBREAKFAST, two projects that create bridges between students across the curriculum. Visit also bioSPIRE and UNISprout, through which bachelor students get a taste of practical biology. And don't miss the latest articles published in Bikuben, the student journal created, led and peer-reviewed by BIO students.

Students communicate their experience in blogs, posters and videos

Students use the media to communicate their passion for biology. They produce video tutorials to help their peers (Teach To Learn), and present their projects in posters (bioPITCH). Live from fieldwork or work placement, they share their experiences in the form of blog posts and posters. Visit Learning Through Experience and Biologipraksis UiB and follow them as they discover practical biology.

Online resources for students and teachers

bioCEED develops online resources which are relevant for both students and teachers in biology.