bioCEED seminar – Helping students grow as disciplinary writers

Interested in learning more about supporting students developing their academic writing? bioCEED invites you to a seminar with Lene Nordrum (Lund University).

Wednesday 29th January, 13:15-14:00 at Auditorium 4, Realfagbygget, UiB

Disciplinary literacy – how to read, write, and talk in a specific discipline – is the key to knowledge and success in university education. Yet, many university teachers find it challenging to help their students develop such literacy. It may be easy for language and communication experts, but not necessarily a walk in the park for teachers with other disciplinary backgrounds. In this seminar, we will zoom in on how writing skills can be developed across the disciplines. The focus will be on how we can get students to write and how we can help them structure their texts. As such, the overall aim is to find keys to how we can help students grow as disciplinary writers, without being language teachers.


Lene Nordrum is a senior lecturer at English Studies at Lund University. She is also an educational developer who specialize in academic writing.


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