bioCEED seminar – Helping students grow as disciplinary writers

Interested in learning more about supporting students developing their academic writing? bioCEED invites you to a seminar with Lene Nordrum (Lund University).

Wednesday 29th January, 13:15-14:00 at Auditorium 4, Realfagbygget, UiB

Disciplinary literacy – how to read, write, and talk in a specific discipline – is the key to knowledge and success in university education. Yet, many university teachers find it challenging to help their students develop such literacy. It may be easy for language and communication experts, but not necessarily a walk in the park for teachers with other disciplinary backgrounds. In this seminar, we will zoom in on how writing skills can be developed across the disciplines. The focus will be on how we can get students to write and how we can help them structure their texts. As such, the overall aim is to find keys to how we can help students grow as disciplinary writers, without being language teachers.


Lene Nordrum is a senior lecturer at English Studies at Lund University. She is also an educational developer who specialize in academic writing.


bioCEED seminar 15th Feb by Professor Chantal Levesque-Bristol: Excellence in teaching and learning from the self-determination theory perspective

Thursday 15th February Professor Chantal Levesque-Bristol from Purdue University will give a seminar at bioCEED with the title:

Excellence in teaching and learning from the self-determination theory perspective

Time: 15th Feb, Kl. 13:15-14:00
Place: Seminar room K1/2 Biologen (A), Thormøhlensgt 53A

Gender matters!

On March 27th, bioCEED’s student representatives at UiB Ragnhild Gya and Mari Vold Bjordal hosted together with Studentersamfunnet a meeting about unequal participation between genders in the lecture halls and in meetings. For this occasion, they had invited Sehoya Cotner and Cissy Ballen from the University of Minnesota, and Ole-Petter Moe Hansen from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen to present the interesting results from their gender studies related to higher education.

The meeting was video-recorded and is now available here:

bioCEED teaching seminars at UNIS


Roy Andersson and Anders Ahlberg from the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University in Sweden and in collaboration with bioCEED, are visiting UNIS in week 10. During their stay they will give 3 seminars on educational matters. Roy and Anders have worked with educational development and teaching for several years and are well known in their field. Don’t miss the chance to join in!


Monday, March 6th, 13:15–16:00 in Kapp Mitra: Teaching portfolio workshop For teaching staff (including post docs and PhD students). For more information click here.



Tuesday, March 7th, 12:15–13:00 in Lassegrotta: Brown bag lunch seminar, “PhD learning hurdles in STEM disciplines-mirrored by student talks and manuscripts”

In this lunch seminar for supervisors and doctoral students we´ll unpack and discuss what doctoral students’ early scientific talks and draft manuscripts may tell us about scientific thinking and science communication, and how generic skill development may be promoted. The seminar draws on observations during 15 years of extensive communication training at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University (ca 120 PhD students in training per year).

The seminar will be streamed. Click here to watch the seminar.

Tuesday, March 7th, 13:15–16:00 in Kapp Schoultz: “How to become a better teacher”

For PhD students and post doc. For more information click here.



The future of fisheries education

Welcome to FØH (Fisheries Ecology and Aquaculture) Journal Club, which this month will focus on the recent special issue in American Fisheries Society journal Fisheries, where they review where the future of education in this field. The purpose is to reflect on some of the perspectives in this special issue and discuss these points in light of our own teaching.
This jounal club meeting is arranged in collaboration with bioCEED.


Time and place: Friday 25 November at 13:00, in meeting room Store Puddefjorden (B-blokk, 5 et. Biologen)

bioCEED seminar series – Making (use of) videos in Teaching and Learning.

Jonathan Soule - croppedRecent introduction of the concept of flipped classroom and increased use of online teaching platforms push teachers to adjust or deeply revise course material by making use of new technologies. Videos have become central in these new forms of teaching activities. Even though hardware and software for making videos are getting cheap and easily available, not everybody feels ready to become a movie maker or a movie star.

Jonathan Soulé, chief engineer at bioCEED, introduced three simple, technical solutions which are available to YOU, whether you are interested in recording your own lectures at the classroom, making video tutorials in connection to lab activities (PreLab) , making short videos in the context of flipped classroom or need to stream lectures or events.

Powerpoint presentation (PDF) available here.

bioCEED lunch seminar UNIS – Mads Forchhammer talks about how to strengthen the link between the different guest lectures and topics within a course.

Mads ForchhammerMads Forchhammer is professor in terrestrial zoology at the AB department at UNIS. He is responsible for the bachelor course AB-203 Arctic Environmental Management which is running every spring.

Mads shared his thoughts on how to strengthen the link between the different guest lectures and topics within a course that embraces a wide range of different topics as well as many guest lectures. Through his presentation he gave some good examples on how he has dealt with this.

Click on the screenshot below to watch his presentation:

Mads Forchhammers lecture

bioCEED seminar series – Cissy Ballen talks about active learning.

2b26f93Cissy Ballen is a postdoc at the University of Minnesota and her research centers on strategies to reduce attrition of historically underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

Cissy gave a seminar on how active learning can improve diversity and affect the learning performance by students, based on the work she has been doing at Cornell University and University of Minnesota. Cissy is now doing research on biology teaching in collaboration with bioCEED.

Click on the screenshot below to watch her presentation:

Skjermbilde 2016-09-09 10.43.09