bioCEED’s mid-term evaluation goes Open Science!

Inspired by MatRiC, bioCEED has collected the midterm evaluation documents in a short annotated overview here, as seen through the lens of various documents produced by NOKUT, the evaluation committee, and bioCEED:

  1. The template for the self-evaluation, by NOKUT Jan 20th
  2. bioCEED’s self-evaluation, delivered on April 3rd
  3. Feedback to bioCEED from the evaluation panel, received on 30th May 2017.
  4. bioCEED’s replies to the panel’s requests for additional information, 10th May 2017.
  5. The programme for the site visit 16th May 2017, by NOKUT 07th April 2017.
  6. Data from Studiebarometeret and DBH provided by NOKUT to the Evaluation Panel in connection with Site Visit 16th May 2017.
  7. Panels with informants to be interviewed by Evaluation Panel at site visit 16th May 2017.
  8. Panel briefing document from bioCEED, 11th May 2017.
  9. bioCEED short presentation at site visit 16th May 2017.
  10. Evaluation Panel report following site visit, received on 29th June 2017.
  11. Final Action Plan Structure, by NOKUT 4th July 2017.
  12. bioCEED Action Plan Draft, 1st September 2017.
  13. Evaluation Panel feedback on action plan draft, received on 11th September 2017.
  14. bioCEED reply to Evaluation panel on the feedback on action plan draft, 28th September 2017.
  15. bioCEED Action Plan Phase 2, 28th September 2017.
  16. Final report from expert panel, 21st December 2017.

You can also read more about our way forward in the Newsletter.

The bioCEED team is very grateful to everyone who has contributed to the mid-term evaluation process, especially the bioCEED Board and Advisory Board and our host institutions and departments.


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