Using 3D-printed models of pollen grains as teaching material

Identifying pollen grains under the microscope may be challenging, especially to the untrained eye. This goes also for a multitude of biological structures with complex shapes, whether embedded in tissues or isolated from their original environment.

The course BIO250 – Palaeoecology at the Department of Biological Sciences in Bergen has now started to use 3D-printed models of pollen grains to help students recognize their many facets and aspects. Providing students with 3D-prints instead of (or in addition to) light- or electron microscopy pictures gives them the opportunity to look at these grains from all possible angles.

Instructors´ motivation for teaching predicts teaching style

Lucas M. Jeno (Department of Education, University of Bergen and bioCEED), Maï Yasué  (Quest University, Canada) and Jody L. Langdon (Georgia Southern University) have recently published the paper “Are Autonomously Motivated University Instructors More Autonomy-Supportive Teachers?” in the International journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.


PhD Defense Torstein N. Hole – Learning through practice in biology education

Thursday, April 25th, 2019 was a new big day for bioCEED, as Torstein N. Hole defended his PhD degree at the University of Bergen with the dissertation: “Learning through practice in biology education». Torstein becomes the second bioCEED student to complete his doctoral degree at UiB. We warmly congratulate him with an excellent thesis and defense!