WP5: Strengthen and empower educational leadership

WP 5: Strengthen and empower educational leadership, led by the Department of Arctic Biology, UNIS

  • Appoint and empower ‘education leaders’ as part of institutional leaderships
  • Integrate and align teaching and research in strategic planning at the institutions
  • Identify obstacles against development and change and develop actions and strategies to remove or mitigate them (local, institutional and national level)
  • Incorporate teaching and education efforts and success into staff reward systems
  • Explicitly promote education in our internal communication (weekly newsletter, web etc.)
  • Appoint and empower ‘leaders of education’ as part of institutional leaderships
  • Integrate education and research in institutional strategies and goals
  • Identify and remove (infrastructure) obstacles to development and change
  • Develop links to the higher education sector (within our institutions, in Norway, abroad)

WP Leader:

Øystein Varpe : Professor, Work Package Leader

Øystein Varpe

Professor, Work Package Leader

I am leading the work package on Educational Leadership, and as part of this, the National Forum for Educational Leadership in Biology – a collaboration between Biofagrådet and bioCEED. When I teach at UNIS, I enjoy trying out new ideas and methods, many of which have emerged from my involvement in bioCEED.

Central courses at UNIS: AB322 Flux of Matter and Energy from Sea to Land and AB338/838 Life history adaptations to seasonality.


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