WP3: Active students

WP 3: Active students, led by the Department of Arctic Biology, UNIS.

  • Redesign programmes and courses and set learning goals that actively engage students in the pursuit of competence across the biological ‘domain’
  • Integrate problem-solving and learning-to-learn skills across the curriculum
  • Use students actively in planning and conducting learning activities; provide opportunities for extra involvement and activities, based on student interests
  • Offer internships in the public and private sector and research laboratories from first year
  • Provide certification (acquired competence in specific topics, lab and field security, etc.)
  • Set learning goals that engage students actively in pursuit of competence across the biological ‘domain’ (content knowledge, skills, and societal relevance; Fig. 1)
  • Integrate development of problem-solving and learning-to-learn skills in the curriculum
  • Increase hands-on experience with research, industries, management and education
  • Provide students with informative feedback

WP Leader:

Tove Gabrielsen : Associate Professor

Tove Gabrielsen

Associate Professor

I have been responsible for work package WP3 – “Active students” –  which focuses on enhancing student active learning. Transferable skills training, internships within the private and public sector and students involvement within planning and conducting learning activities are some of the things we are working on within this work package.

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