WP3: Active students

WP 3: Active students, led by the Department of Arctic Biology, UNIS.

  • Redesign programmes and courses and set learning goals that actively engage students in the pursuit of competence across the biological ‘domain’
  • Integrate problem-solving and learning-to-learn skills across the curriculum
  • Use students actively in planning and conducting learning activities; provide opportunities for extra involvement and activities, based on student interests
  • Offer internships in the public and private sector and research laboratories from first year
  • Provide certification (acquired competence in specific topics, lab and field security, etc.)
  • Set learning goals that engage students actively in pursuit of competence across the biological ‘domain’ (content knowledge, skills, and societal relevance; Fig. 1)
  • Integrate development of problem-solving and learning-to-learn skills in the curriculum
  • Increase hands-on experience with research, industries, management and education
  • Provide students with informative feedback

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